Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Individual workouts are key to team success

"If you don't do it in practice, don't expect to do it in the game."

You may have heard a coach say the statement above time and time again. Total Package Basketball emphasizes to players, if you work hard and focus on executing drills and plays to perfection in practice, you and the team will be able to play your best under the fast paced, high pressure situations of a game. Sometimes an outstanding play happens by chance during a game. It may provide some excitement for the crowd, but solid preparation is needed for long term success. To build a winning program players need to practice and practice well the skills, moves and strategies they plan to use during a game.

Keys to success:
1. Commitment.
Being at every workout and team practice to do the number of repetitions necessary to develop the skill and understanding each other as a team.

2. Conditioning.
If a player is not in condition, he cannot practice at the speed that is effective and improve his skills. He will not perform at his best for the complete game.

3. Attitude.
Intentionally practicing with game-like intensity and execution will prepare you and the team for predicable success during the game. Leading by example will motivate teammates to do the same.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How hard are you working on your game when the coach is not looking?

It is much easier to work hard when someone is right there to motivate you. When a player walks into the gym for a Total Package work out, players know the coach is going challenge every aspect of their game. He requires everyone to focus on listening to the coach, running drills and execute plays accurately with game like intensity. If execution is sloppy, intensity is half speed and players seem to be focused on something other than the task at hand, expect consequences.

How hard are you working on your game when the coach is not there to motivate you? What are you doing beyond the weekly workouts to improve your game? If you are serious about playing at the next level, you will need to work on your game every chance you can get. The consequences for not working on your game is that you will get beat by the player who does. You need to have the attitude that you are going to prepare yourself to be your best when you play the best. To do so, only comes by consistently working on your game when no one is looking.
Here are some things you can be doing:

  1. Make time. Set a side an hour block of time each day to work on individual skills. Be consistent. Make it a goal to workout 6 or 7 days a week. Some days it may only be for 15 minutes, but it is something. At an open gym, spend 10 to 15 minutes working on the drills before going out to play.
  2. Have a plan. Write down the drills practiced during a Total Package workout. Use them as guidelines. When you need a breather, shoot 4 free throw.
    10 minutes – ball handling
    5 minutes – footwork – push step explosions/jabs/pump fakes
    10 minutes – form shooting
    5 minutes – rapid fire shooting
    10 minutes – bread and butter moves
    5 minutes – rebound off the back board and put backs
  3. Focus on correct technique. Do things correctly. “Perfect practice, makes perfect.” This is the goal. Few reach it successfully. Do not get frustrated if perfection is not reached. In the journey to do things correctly, one will improve their game rather than hinder it.

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