Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Individual skills development for team success

Most kids think it all about "me". I need to get better for "I". But, Total Package Basketball philosophy is to get better to make your team better. There is no "I" in team. We are committed to developing players who want their coach and teammates to know they have solid skills and are well prepared for game situations.

During workouts:

1. Focus on task at hand - develop skills necessary to fit into the role being asked of in the context of the team.

2. Talk to the coach to find what skills you need to develop individually and what you need to work on to fit the role being asked of you for the team.

3. Know your limitations - understanding and developing your strength and weaknesses.

4. Have the team goals and strategies in mind when you are preparing.

"For a kid to even come in and play as a freshman, and then to have that go-to guy label on him, and to be able to be that guy, is very rare," said Craig Murray, a 1986 Garfield graduate and the director at Total Package, an AAU team in Bremerton.

Being the "go to guy" is a dream for many players. The focus needs to be on "how can I make the team better", this will best prepare you to win the respect of the coach and the team to be successful.